about us

Nonferrometal is the sole representative of the largest aluminum producers in the markets of Central Europe. We provide the highest quality extruded products of aluminum and its alloys.

We specialize in products that meet the highest standards of quality, strength, tolerance, and the strictest standards. Our suppliers' products set the standard today, creating new trends in the future of the aluminum industry. There are no challenges for us that we do not take!

We are one of the main suppliers for machining bars since 2006 where we provide regular deliveries to the largest customers in our region such as Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

Our supplier in this field is EURAL GNUTTI SPA largest manufacturer of rods in Europe. The company provides more than ten thousand tons of aluminum semi-finished products for the automotive industry. Our aluminum can be found among others in the F1 cars and many other high performance vehicles in the world. Top quality products for pneumatic / hydraulic purposes is also based on our solutions.

Thanking all present partners we look forward to work with you.

"QUALITY WINS" is our motto.